Q: It is cheaper to go to a studio than hire a photographer for family photos, isnt it?
A: No. It is actually less expensive to hire a photographer. We dont have the same overhead as a studio, So we are able to pass that deal on to our customers.

Q: What should I wear once I have a shoot scheduled?
A: We encourage a natural look. Light on makeup. Dont worry about blemishes. They will not be there when the photos are done. 🙂

Q: Should we all match?
A: NO!!! Complement each other but do not wear the exact same thing. Everyone tends to blend together and you dont get to capture who each person is.

Q: Will this be boring?
A: Not at all. We make it fun and happy. If you have ideas please tell us! We want to try new things.

Q: It is raining. we cant shoot now can we?
A: We will shoot in the rain if that is what you want! With the rain it is completely up to you!

Q: Does everyone pay the same rate?
A: No. Each photo shoot is customized to each person. Some will be more and some will be less. IT is all about the individual photo shoot.

Q: How can I book my photo shoot?
A: Click on the book now tab above and fill out the questionnaire. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. We look forward to hearing from you!